Dream of: 15 September 1994 "Medical Problem"

I was in an upstairs room of a two-story house. Two men a father and a son were also in the room. The father was probably in his 50s and the son was probably in his 30s. Both men were doctors, and I had some medical problems about which I wanted to consult them.

My worst problem was a red growth about a centimeter wide inside my left ear (not in the ear canal, but just on the ear). The younger man looked at growth first, and then the older man. After they had finished, I sat down at a table and wondered whether the growth was serious. I recalled that I had once had a wart on my stomach which had been removed. As I thought about it, I actually had the wart in my hand and was able to examine it. It had a thin layer of skin on its outside. I peeled back the skin a little to see the pulpy, red skin underneath. I thought such growths could be removed by tying something like a rubber band around them until they finally fell off.

When I looked back at the doctors, neither was wearing any clothes, and the younger man was lying on his stomach in a bed. I noticed how muscular his butt looked, and thought he must take good care of himself.

Several young women had come into the room and were lying in beds. Some had their clothes off, and a couple stood up to take their clothes off. They were all attractive. I was unsure why they were here, but I thought I might take advantage of the situation and get in bed with them.

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