Dream of: 14 September 1994 "Burdens"

Carolina and I were in central Mexico, standing along a small dirt road which appeared to lead through some mountains. A large herd of horses passed by, raising a cloud of dust. A man in a truck followed; could we possibly hitch a ride with him? He passed by so quickly, we were unable to flag him down.


Carolina and I were in a room where we had spent the night. I was looking at a map, trying to figure out exactly where we were. It looked as if we weren't far from the Pacific coast. The road where we had seen the horses and the truck appeared to lead to the coast, but it was a small road. Another larger road also led to the coast. I suggested to Carolina that we could go to the beach on the coast; she seemed interested. However, we only had two or three more days before we would have to leave. Looking at the map more closely, I noticed a large lake not far from where we were; maybe we would be better off to go there. I was undecided.

I was also concerned because I had brought quite a few things with me to Mexico, and I now realized the things were burdens. I had two rocks which weighed quite a bit. I also had a set of encyclopedias, as well as a large assortment of other items. It had been a mistake to carry all these things around. All I really needed was some clothes.

We had also bought about 10 heads of lettuce and stacked them in a corner of the room. Obviously that was too much; I might have to leave part of it behind. As I sorted through the items, trying to decide what to do with them, several women walked into the room. One was the owner of the place; she was checking to see when we were leaving. I was rather offended that she would just walk into our room like that. I was lying on the floor on my stomach. Although I had on a shirt, I was nude from the waist down, so my butt was exposed. The women, however, didn't seem to pay attention to the fact, and after looking around the room, they left.

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