Dream of: 10 September 1994 "Church Wedding"

backing away from love is sometimes best

Although I was supposed to be marrying Birdie (my steady girlfriend from 1968 to 1972) at noon today, I was aware that she was first supposed to marry another man earlier in the day before me. Then we would be married afterwards. The idea of her marrying another man first, and then me, had me disconcerted. I had agreed to the idea, but now I was considering backing out. A church would be full of people waiting for us to arrive at twelve. How could I enter the church and announce I had decided to cancel the wedding? That would be difficult to do, especially if Birdie were standing in the back of the church in her wedding dress. Yet I had such serious doubts about getting married to Birdie, I didn't see how I could go through with the wedding. Besides, most people liked a scandal, so the people wouldn't have completely wasted their time by coming to the wedding. The time was growing shorter. It was after 11 o'clock and I still hadn't even taken a bath. I needed to make a decision quickly.

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