Dream of: 09 September 1994 "Interrupted Dance"

I was in the locker room of a school where boys (16-17 years old) were gathered. We were sitting on benches as someone talked about football. I wished I had played football in high school I felt I had missed something by having not participated. It seemed that now I was going to have a chance to make up for that, and would be able to play football if I wanted.

It was time to don some work-out clothes to do some exercises. I had brought a pair of blue shorts with me to put on. But after I had them on, a friend near me pointed out that I had an erection clearly noticeable through the shorts. I walked into the room where the others were already lined up to exercise. As the exercises began, I was acutely aware that my erection persisted, and I just hoped no one would notice.

I gradually realized the person on my right, a girl probably in her late teens, had put her arm around my shoulder, and was moving back and forth as part of the exercise. She also had her other arm around the person on the other side of her, and in that direction several other people had their arms around each others shoulders to form a line. I began moving in rhythm with them, as I would in a line-dance, and even put my left arm around the person on my left.

I recalled a basic step from when I had done line-dances before, and began trying to move my feet correctly. As I continued, the girl on my right moved closer and closer to me. I could now feel her pubic area, warm and moist, rubbing persistently against my right leg. Gradually I loosed myself from the person on my left, just as the girl on my right loosed herself from the others, so only she and I were dancing together. We slung our arms around each other as I continued to become more sexually aroused.

Suddenly I heard what sounded like gunfire. I could see people running down a hall in front of me. General confusion ensued as I heard more and more gunfire, as if from a machine gun, and saw more and more people running in every direction. I likewise headed down a hall, trying to go in a direction away from the gunfire. But then I heard gunfire ahead of me. Fortunately I noticed a ladder in the middle of the hall which went to a square hole in the roof above me. I thought it would be smart for me to climb the ladder and then pull it up behind me. But just as I started up the ladder, I looked up and saw a man standing in the room above. He was pointing a hand gun right at me. I began backing away, hoping he wouldn't fire.

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