Dream of: 07 September 1994 "Eifel Tower in the Distance"

A Latin woman (about 30 years old), her daughter (about 7 years old), and I were busily packing our belongings to move from a house where we had been living. Clearly we weren't going to have enough room to take everything, and I was debating what to leave behind. It looked as if I would have to leave part of a stereo system behind. Also, several rolls of toilet paper would be left. I thought we might leave some in each bathroom, so they could be used if necessary.

While I was standing outside and contemplating what to take, the little girl walked up to me and asked me if I could see the Eifel Tower in the distance. I hadn't noticed it, but off in the distance, through the haze, I could see the Eifel Tower. It was quite pretty. I nodded to the girl that I could see it.

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