Dream of: 06 September 1994 "Traveling Across Country"

My wife Carolina and I had stopped at a restaurant, and once inside, had sat at separate tables. I sat at a table where another woman (about 30 years old) was already seated and I struck up a conversation with the woman. I told her that I was traveling across country, and that I intended to buy several pounds of marijuana at the place where I was headed. I also told her that in the place where I was going, marijuana was sold in restaurants. It seemed that we were somewhere in upstate New York, and I recalled that I had also heard that a few restaurants there sold marijuana, but when I asked the woman if she knew of any, she didn't. I felt comfortable talking with her about my business, and I didn't think she would try to turn me in to the authorities.


Somewhere around Chillicothe, Ohio I had been arrested for possession of a small amount (less than a joint) of marijuana. I was at the police station and was being handled by a person who seemed a bit like my old Portsmouth friend Anderson and a bit like Altizer (my best friend in the fourth grade). The fellow soon explained to me that if I would sign a "waiver," the charges against me would be dropped. I recalled that I had already been arrested once that morning and had signed a waiver. The charges had been dropped in that case too. Apparently the law had evolved in Ohio so that charges were routinely dropped in low level marijuana cases. I thought that was good, and should lead to more people possessing marijuana.

When I was told I could leave, I did so. Only when I was outside did I realize I hadn't signed anything. Since I had been allowed to leave, I thought my signature hadn't mattered after all. This was the third time I had been arrested for possession of marijuana, and I had never been convicted.

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