Dream of: 05 September 1994 "Garbled Speech"

I was on the main street of a small town which looked something like Portsmouth, when I noticed Steve Adams (a fellow whom I knew in Portsmouth in the early 1970s when he was in his late 20s) walking down the middle of the street. I knew the fellow was Adams, even though he couldn't be recognized by looking at him: his face was completely covered with black make-up, and four rows of very small lights were stretched horizontally across his face. It was an unusual sight to say the least.


I was at Adams' house, a cottage which seemed to be in Austin, Texas. I was going to spend the night, or perhaps even several days, there. Several other men were also in the house.

I had a back pack in which I was carrying seven or eight baggies of marijuana, as well as a baggie with several hits of LSD. I had bought the drugs before coming to Adams' house, and I thought that he and I would use some there. Since I had so much marijuana, however, I wanted to take most of it out and hide it. I didn't want to smoke while I had that much marijuana in the house. If the police came, we wouldn't have time to get rid of it. I thought I might drive out into the country, or to a park and bury the marijuana. Then I could retrieve it when I was ready to leave. Having so much marijuana made me nervous.


I was lying on a bed in the house when two men (both about 30 years old) walked in and sat down on the bed. One was my old Portsmouth dope buddy, Lane. I hadn't seen Lane in many years and was happy to see him again. He spoke to me several times, but each time his language seemed garbled and I had to ask him to repeat what he had said. Finally, still unable to understand him, I told him something seemed to be wrong with his speech. When the other man cast a knowing glance at Lane, I recalled that Lane used to use drugs quite extensively, and I wondered if the drugs had affected his speech.

The other man said he wanted to do some of the LSD, and I was glad that someone else would also be using some of the LSD with me.


I was sitting at the kitchen table in the house. Two other men (each probably in his early 30s) were also sitting at the table. Each said they wanted to do some of the LSD. I poured what I had onto the table. About 25 small green tablets and about five larger blue tablets fell onto the table. One green tablet almost rolled off the table before it was caught. I told the others the green tablets were probably the most potent. When I asked if they liked deep trips and they said they did, I suggested they take the green tablets. I myself put two green tablets into my mouth, but as I was chewing them, I realized I already had at least one tablet in my mouth. Therefore I had taken at least three. The others also ate two tablets each. I told them to have another so they would have as many as me.

I wondered if I had taken too much.

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