Dream of: 03 September 1994 (2) "Church Services"

My mother was riding in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by my father, while my brother Chris, my sister, and I were riding in the back seat. We were traveling through a forest, taking a trip, apparently headed for Alaska. I was looking for Alaska on the map, but as I looked, it also seemed as if we were headed down to Mexico. I was trying to find the way. We were going to go over a tall mountain, and I was looking for Highway 9.

After my father turned onto a highway and began driving very fast, I became afraid of the way he was driving. He started going straight down a hill. I had traveled this road before, but I didn't remember this section. I told my father I didn't think he was on the right road, but he kept on going anyway.

Although we were on a four lane highway, traffic was coming toward us on both our left and our right. One time, a train even came toward us on the right. My father continued to drive dangerously fast. I even snapped the seat belt around my waist. There was a good chance we would crash and all die, but there wasn't much I could do about it.

My sister, Chris and I were sitting on a white cover in the back seat. I thought I would like to put the cover over top of my sister and me so I could stick my finger in her vagina as we were going along. I figured she would let me do it, but I didn't have the opportunity to arrange the cover, so we just kept going along.

I was also having thoughts about churches. I was wondering about what happened when someone became a member of a church. I asked my father about it, and I specifically asked about who owned the church property. When he responded, I asked, "Isn't it owned by a non-profit corporation? The church is a non-profit organization which owns the property."

I went on to say that when people became members of a church, they actually became members of a non-profit corporation. Becoming a member of a church might be a good way to take over a non-profit corporation and then sell the property. Perhaps I could get together some people, such as my attorney friend, Wheat, and perhaps my business associate, Ron Richhart. We could start going to a church, become members, take it over, then sell the property. There were many nice churches which could perhaps be acquired in that fashion – Nebo Church (in rural Gallia County, Ohio) for example. I would like to take over Nebo.

I would like to take over a church so we could actually have services. For instance I would like to have services at Nebo. I wouldn't want the services to be Christian service, but rather have the church open to any kind of religion.

We finally stopped at a church far out in the country. It wasn't actually a church, but just a rectangle of large blocks of stone, about 30 centimeters high. People were sitting on the blocks of stone and a minister was getting ready to preach.

We were standing on a little rise up above the church and we had to walk down to it, but instead of walking down, I floated and glided down to the church. Once we reached the stones we all sat down. Mostly older people were gathered there. We were out in the middle of the woods with a pond and a shack nearby. This might be a good church for me to try to take over. I liked this land.

After the service began, I sat and listened for a while. The service seemed to go through different stages. At one stage everyone stood and sang. One man sang a love song to a woman (I was uncertain the woman was actually there). I thought it unusual that a love song would be sung, but everyone else seemed to think that was just part of the religious ceremony.

The service reached a stage where everyone pulled out small mats and began bowing down like Moslems. I did the same. I knew the rest of my family were nearby, although I was unsure what they were doing.

In the next stage, everyone sat down in a lotus position. I did the same. We all did an exercise, where we reached around with one arm behind the back and grabbed the heel of the foot on the other side and pulled. I did that. I thought another good exercise would be the yoga "worship to the sun" routine.

I was intrigued that the congregation seemed to be practicing different types of religious ceremonies out there in the country. It seemed strange, but I liked the idea. It seemed like a good way to have a church service, to have ceremonies from many different religions.

If anyone asked me, I would have to tell them I couldn't join this church, because we were just passing through, and we lived fairly far away. But I was glad we had stopped.

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