Dream of: 03 September 1994 "Ghost in the Window"

Two other fellows and I were in an old abandoned house where we were trying to find old relics or antiques. From our position we could see outside to two old houses on the other side of the street. I began telling the other two that I had been in one of the old houses, and I pointed to the upper floor. I said I had found a secret passageway to that upper floor, and there I had discovered some things which belonged to either the writer Emily Browning or the writer Emily Bronte. One thing I had discovered was her lover, who was dead, and who was still sitting in a wheelchair. His name was Martin.

From where we were, although some trees partially blocked our view, we could see through a window into the room of the old house on the other side of the street, and we could see some paintings hanging on the back wall. The paintings were of Emily, and I told the other two fellows that the paintings were probably very valuable. The other two fellows walked outside so they could see better. I also continued to look at the window in the upstairs room, and I noticed a gray-haired woman standing in the window, looking down at us. I thought she must be a ghost. She looked as if she were also starting to rise up in the air. I waved at her, and she waved back at me. I had been thinking that we might go over and plunder the room, but now I was uncertain we should do that.

The woman (50-60 years old) began pulling down a window shade. I heard one fellow holler from outside. Apparently they had also seen the ghost. They were hollering at me to come. I got up and headed outside, to see what they had seen.

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