Dream of: 02 September 1994 "Drug Markets"

I was in a large city, probably London. A man was acting as my guide and showing me through the city. As we walked along, we came to a fairly large park. But it didn't look like a park. It was about the same dimensions as a football field, only larger, and all walled off with white walls about six foot high all the way around it.

We walked inside, where many young, grungy-looking people were milling about. It occurred to me that this was probably a place where drugs were bought and sold. Apparently the police didn't bother anyone in the park, and drugs were allowed to be bought and sold here. As we walked around, I was curious about what went on here. I asked and learned that drugs weren't actually bought with money. First one had to buy little slips of paper. When I saw a person selling some drugs, I thought I would buy some of the paper myself, and then use the paper to buy some drugs. I noticed one person selling some of the slips of paper for one price, and over to another side, another person selling the paper for a lower price. But the fellow with me told me not to go to the second person because there was no line there, and that it might be some kind of set-up there. I was unsure whether I should actually buy any drugs here, and I didn't buy any of the paper.

As we continued walking, I noticed some stalls containing bunches of pool cue sticks. There were hundreds of the cue sticks, and some had been sharpened on the ends so they looked more like spears. The fellow with me explained that the cue sticks were there in case the police came. If the police came, the people in the park would grab up the cue sticks and use them as spears to throw at the police. I realized that that could be very dangerous for the police if they were to come in. The police might use shields. But they could still be injured if the spears hit them in the foot. In my mind I could imagine the police coming in and the people responding, throwing the cue sticks in the air toward the police. I could visualize hundreds of cue sticks flying toward the policemen.


Carolina and I were on a large ferry crossing a body of water, probably the English Channel. The ferry had many different rooms where a person could ride while crossing the water. As I acclimated myself to the ferry, I discovered on the ferry a drug market similar to the one which I had seen at the park. I might go into the market and check it out. But I hesitated about going in, especially since Carolina was with me. Nevertheless I was curious to find out exactly where it was on the ferry and at least take a look at it. But I was also concerned that buying drugs on the ferry might be dangerous. The authorities might check people when they were leaving the ferry to see if they had any drugs, or whether they had used any. I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to buy any drugs while on the ferry.

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