Dream of: 31 August 1994 "Making Spears"

While standing outside the House in Patriot, I had decided to make some spears. I worked on several spears, but I had one in particular which I thought was going to work out well. This particular spear was probably two meters long, and about two centimeters in diameter. At the end I had put a nail in backward into the wood for the spear tip.

Between the House and the Sanders' house next door was an outhouse, and I decided to throw the spear at the outhouse to see if it would stick. I threw the spear and it hit the outhouse, but didn't stick. Instead, the spear tore a big piece of wood off the outside of the outhouse. The spear then fell to the ground. When I walked over to the spear to pick it up, I saw that the nail had broken off, so only a stump was left on the end. I thought I would have to do quite a bit of work to fix it. And it looked as if I was going to need a lot of practice if I were going to become any good at making spears.

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