Dream of: 30 August 1994 "Teachings Of Buddha"

seek satisfaction

in whatever unhappy

place you find yourself

My father was talking with me about gem stones. Since I was thinking of trying to acquire some gems, I asked him if he knew how much the dealers in gems marked up the prices. He did not seem to know, but I told him I thought dealers probably marked up the prices 100 percent, which seemed huge, and I wondered if I could obtain gems somewhere else besides through a dealer. I also wondered what kind of stones I wanted and I tried to remember their names. The name "rhinestone" came to mind and I thought about the song "Rhinestone Cowboy," but I did not think that I was thinking about acquiring rhinestones.

My father wanted me to accompany him to his home, about an hour away by car. I did not want to go at first, but I acquiesced, left with him, and rode along in the front seat of a car which he was driving. As we traveled through the countryside, I thought about how I should not be wasting my time just riding around like that. At the same time, I thought, my father's home was only an hour away. I also began thinking I needed to try to be more satisfied with whatever situation I was in, and not complain. Being satisfied and not complaining seemed to me to be one of the teachings of Buddha. The word Buddha repeated itself several times in my mind, and I thought I might try to discuss the topic with my father.

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