Dream of: 21 August 1994 (2) "Apocalypse Now"

A group of men who appeared to be from Southeast Asia had grouped together in a military unit, although they weren't dressed in military uniforms. I showed up while the group was doing military exercises. I was acting as a spy, planning to try to infiltrate the group. Another man with whom I was acquainted had already infiltrated the group. Our mission was to become part of the group so we could help destroy it.

I quickly found the man in charge. An Asian (about 30 years old), he was wearing something black, perhaps a robe. He soon noticed me and asked me what I was doing here. I told him I was here to march with him. Then I corrected myself (I didn't want to portray myself as being his equal) and told him I wanted to march directly behind him. By that I wanted him to understand that I wanted to be the second in command.


I was watching a scene unfold. My comrade who had infiltrated the group was under water in a river. The scene was similar to one in the movie Apocalypse Now when the head of Martin Sheen is seen rising out of a river. Slowly the head (reeds in the background) rose from the water, warily looking around for the enemy.


I wondered how far I would go to prove myself to the leader. I might have to kill innocent people from my own side to prove my loyalty. I decided I would do even that if necessary. The end justified the means.


My comrade and I were discovered, but we managed to escape. Each of us was driving a white car over a jungle road. We knew we would soon have to fight, and tried to formulate a plan of action.

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