Dream of: 21 August 1994 "Seeking Advice"

Brian and I had gone to see Cosby (a former law school classmate). I knew Cosby had practiced law for a while after law school, but then had quit for a wood-working job. When we found Cosby and spoke with him, I was surprised by how he had changed. He didn't look at all like I remembered him. He was about 30 years old, thin and somber so somber that I felt he wanted to spend as little time as possible talking with us, and that he rarely talked with anyone.

We wanted to get some advice for Brian who was rather confused. Brian was involved in a twisted love, and he was also thinking of quitting the practice of law. I thought Cosby was wise, and I hoped he would be able to give Brian some advice.

Deciphering Cosby's thoughts was difficult. He said little and he seemed rushed to leave us. However, I had the feeling he was showing us himself as an example. I thought he might be saying he was going through a difficult trial with the life he was living, but that his was the best direction. I concluded Brian would be best advised to stop practicing law a while and to try to pull himself together.

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