Dream of: 19 August 1994 "Pain In My Chest"

Carolina had been seeing another man, and although I knew about it, I hadn't said anything to her. But as she and I were talking one day, she told me she was going to leave me so she could live with the other man. I felt a pain in my chest which lasted about 10 minutes as I realized we would no longer be together. I thought she might later realize she had made a mistake, and return to me; but by then it would probably be too late.

I accepted her leaving and wandered off to a house next door where my father was living. As soon as I entered, I could hear my father moaning loudly and calling for help. I rushed to the room where he was and found him lying on a bed. He seemed delirious, and when I tried to comfort him, he didn't seem to recognize me, although he addressed me as "my boy." I couldn't tell whether he was sick or insane; but whatever was the problem, he was obviously in need of help.

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