Dream of: 16 August 1994 (2) "Flimsy Tower"

I was driving a car around Portsmouth, when I came to the corner of Offnere and Ninth Street where my sister's ex-husband James had bought a house. As I looked at the two-story house, I reflected how I had expected it to be constructed of red bricks, but instead, the house appeared to have some kind of brown siding on it. I stopped the car, parked and got out. After walking up onto the porch of the house, I could see a woman inside, who I thought must be James' mother. When I asked through the screen door if James were home, the woman told me that James was upstairs. Seeing the stairs right inside the door, I walked on in and headed up.

After finding James in one of the upstairs rooms, I talked with him for a few minutes. I told him how much I liked his house, especially the hardwood floors which were throughout the house. I thought to myself that the floors could be sanded down into good shape. As we talked, I noticed a cellophane baggie which appeared to contain marijuana lying on a table. I also noticed a wad of money on the table. Concluding that James was probably selling drugs, I asked him if he had any marijuana which I could buy. We kept talking, but he didn't answer my question. Finally, however, he rolled up a gigantic joint and lit it. The joint was about 15 centimeters long and about 2 centimeters in diameter. After James took a hit from the joint and handed it to me, I noticed the joint was burning down on one side.

I took a long hit. I inhaled and inhaled. Finally I passed the joint back to James, who took a hit and then passed it back to me. Although we had only taken two hits apiece, I was already beginning to feel the effects, and we stopped smoking. I still wasn't sure that I was actually feeling anything. I thought I wanted to smoke more – I hadn't had enough. I was also asking myself whether the marijuana was any good.

I also noticed James was completely naked. His nudity seemed strange, but didn't really bother me.

As we had been smoking, James and I had walked outside and from where we were, I could see the entire surrounding area. I noticed all the nearby houses had been torn down, although I could see some apartment buildings which weren't far away. I could also see a large green hill in back of James' house. I commented to James about how isolated he was there.

James mentioned that he knew someone who might be up on the hill, and that the person had some powerful marijuana. I thought he was talking about Thai sticks. We began walking toward the green hill. James wanted to show me the view from atop the hill so we could look down at his house and see what it looked like; he was obviously proud of his house. As we walked, I told him my mother had told me he had only paid $17,000 for the house. James responded that he had actually paid $22,000. I then remembered my mother had later corrected herself and had said that James had actually paid $22,000 for the house. It was such a large house, I thought he had gotten a good deal on it.

As we walked closer to the hill, we reached a place where the hill was straight up perpendicular. I had to grab onto some grass and hold on as I climbed the hill. When we reached the top, I saw a tower we could climb which had a small place up on top where we could sit. James, however, didn't want to climb the tower. Even though I realized we were already very high, I wanted to go higher, so I climbed up to the top of the tower. As I looked around, I felt rather frightened to be up so high, and I was concerned I might fall off. The tower was rather flimsy and I was worried it might collapse. Finally, I climbed down off the tower.

I was still interested in finding the person on the hill who had the powerful marijuana, but James indicated the person wasn't there now. So we headed back toward his house.

When we reached his house, I still wanted to smoke some good marijuana instead of the stuff which James had. I told him I would give him $10 for a joint of some good marijuana if he could get it for me. He walked into the next room and finally returned with some superb marijuana. As he gave me a joint and I handed him $10, Walls walked into the room.

Walls began talking about a Portsmouth girl who apparently had once known me. Apparently she had been in in some kind of contest in which she had compared another fellow to me. I didn't know the girl, and I asked Walls how old she was. He said she was younger than I. I thought she must be somebody who used to know me when I used to live in Portsmouth.

I lit the joint which I had bought from James, took a deep hit, and passed it around. The joint didn't last long and we were only able to get a couple hits apiece from it, but I quickly began to feel the effects. I was somewhat concerned because I hadn't smoked marijuana in a long time, and now there I was smoking it again. I tried not to let my concern bother me, and I concentrated on just feeling the effects of the marijuana.

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