Dream of: 13 August 1994 (2) "Stealing A Dog"

While I was at a place which seemed like a county fair, I noticed a young, almost fully grown Weimaraner dog, tied up at a stake, apparently where its owner had a booth set up. After sitting down in a chair not far from the Weimaraner, I noticed the owner had left. The Weimaraner came toward me, and was able to stretch out its rope enough to walk up right next to me. I put out my right hand so it could smell me. The dog bared its teeth at me. So I backed my chair up a little. But again it stretched out the rope toward me, but this time it became friendly.

I finally stood up and walked away. As I was leaving, I realized the dog had gotten loose and was following me. I was barefoot. But it seemed as if I had tough soles on my feet, and although I was walking over gravel, it wasn't bothering me. It seemed that the Weimaraner had simply fallen in love with me, and I decided I was going to keep it.

The dog and I continued walking until we were out in the country on a country road. I could see the man who owned the dog walking in a field which was raised somewhat higher than the road. He was obviously looking for the dog. The dog and I kept walking on the road in such a way so the man couldn't see us. Finally the dog and I turned a corner. We were able to slip away and escape from the man. I decided I was going to keep the dog and steal it because I felt the man had mistreated the dog and the dog was no in love with me. And I also liked the dog.

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