Dream of: 12 August 1994 "The Football Field"

I was on the side of a football field in the middle of a forest. I was around the 50 yard line, where I was camping out, living here in the middle of nowhere. There was however a game taking place on the football field, a game being televised. The players were all at one end of the field. I was just lying here watching. They were using a baseball instead of a football. They were throwing the baseball, and it came up close to where I was. A fellow who resembled the actor Gary Busey came running up toward the ball to retrieve it. As he ran toward me I stood up, picked up the ball, and threw it to him. At the same time, I was thinking that since this game was being televised on national television, people would see me, and now they would know where I was. Now everyone would know I was out here living on the side of the football field. In a way that pleased me.

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