Dream of: 10 August 1994 (2) "Power Of Imagination"

I awoke, lying in my bed, and looked out the window. It was clearly a summer day, and I could see a tree in bloom with red flowers outside, something like a redbud tree. I could see the tree moving in the wind, which was obviously heavy, and I could see the dust flying through the air. But as I continued to look, I realized there was actually no window there, and that I was imagining everything which I was seeing. I realized I had the ability to vividly imagine things, so vivid that they seemed as if they were real.

I enjoyed this ability, and I continued to imagine things. Soon I imagined I was outside, driving around in a large pickup truck. I drove through the streets, able to go as fast as I wanted. Everyone else also seemed to have trucks. I almost ran through a red light. But I stopped, thinking I didn't want to risk doing that. I passed by a park on my right, then whipped around and turned around right in the park, then went back the same way I had been coming from.

I began thinking about how wonderful this power of imagination was. I knew other people could probably also develop it. I thought the power was especially powerful first thing in the morning, right after waking up because the mind was in a certain state then when the power could be used particularly well.

As long as I was imagining things, I would like to imagine a woman that I liked. I looked to my side and saw a pretty woman (about 30 years old) with dark brown hair sitting in the passenger seat of the truck. I thought this woman was just like me, that I would be able to talk with her and share my thoughts with her. I spoke with her. I wanted to tell her I felt badly inside because my sister and I had had a sexual relationship when I had been younger. I felt emotional and choked up because I was now able to tell someone about this relationship and get it off my chest. It was a good feeling. I felt as if the woman didn't condemn me, that she was just trying to understand what I was saying. Talking with her about it was quite a relief ... a relief so intense, I almost felt like crying because I was purging myself of this heavy weight.

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