Dream of: 07 August 1994 (3) "Civil War Soldier"

I was imagining what it would be like if a Civil War battle were to be fought on the Gallia County Farm. My imagination became so vivid, it began to seem as if I were actually involved in a battle. I imagined myself being a soldier for the southern army, and that our forces were being surrounded on the Farm by the northern army. At certain places, the two armies had met and formed lines, trenches and fortifications. I walked along one of the lines on the southern side, where dirt, debris and even dead bodies were being piled up to form barricades. Some barricades were even on fire, with flames shooting out. At one point I was able to walk along a path on the outside of the barricades, still unseen by the troops on the north.

I thought the northern troops were going to overcome the southern troops, that the northern troops would flank the southern troops. Or I thought the northern troops might simply come crushing through at one point in the line and break it. It seemed quite clear to me that the southern troops were going to lose the battle.

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