Dream of: 07 August 1994 (2) "Used Book Business"

I was in a bookstore located approximately where the Euless Half Price Book Store is located in Euless, Texas. This was a new book store run by a couple fellows. Looking around, I noticed there weren't that many books in the store, and all the books which were here appeared to be new books. I asked the fellows if they carried any used books, and they said they didn't. I thought to myself that they ought to carry used books, that they wouldn't do as much business with only new books. I might even be willing to go into business with them; if they needed some extra capital, I might be willing to invest in the business. I would be especially interested if the business was a used book store. But if they didn't want me to go into business with them, I might be interested in starting my own used book store. I might start buying used books until I filled up the garage at the Summerdale Drive House. I knew the dream was a little extreme, but I still thought I might want to do it.

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