Dream of: 07 August 1994 "Burning Letters"

My mother and I walked together out of a house, and outside we found a couch and chair. Inside of the couch and chair were a bunch of old letters and papers which we wanted to burn up, without burning up the couch and chair. I had previously been working on this task, but because I had become upset with my mother about something, I had stopped, and hadn't intended to continue. I poked at the couch with a stick, and was able to see a fire down inside the couch, a fire which apparently had been smoldering for a long time. Once I stirred it up, the fire began burning again. I watched the fire, trying to keep it from scorching the fabric of the couch. But the couch had already been scorched, so it appeared that it wasn't going to be possible to burn the letters and papers without burning up the couch.

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