Dream of: 04 August 1994 "New Job"

I had taken a new job working as a computer data-entry operator at a place where Weinstein was also working. I arrived at work my first day and took a seat at a computer next to Weinstein. He was surprised to see me and seemed speechless; I couldn't tell if he was happy or sad that I was there. I myself realized it was a bit strange that I would now be working in the same place as he, but I felt satisfied that I had made the right decision.

However, I did have some doubts. We were in a large room with perhaps 30 other people seated at their computers. The floors were carpeted, the chairs were comfortable, and there were no distracting sounds – all in all, a pleasant ambiance. I was able to immediately begin work on a computer screen, and began analyzing the program so I could work with it. But I had a nagging thought: was this really what I wanted to be doing? It seemed new and interesting, but would it keep me interested for long?

As I looked at the screen, I reflected back over what had brought me here. I had simply quit my previous high-paying job and had immediately been able to start working here with no break. The pay here was low – I was earning only about $7 an hour, an amount which seemed a pittance compared to what I had earned before. Although I did like this work better than the work I had been doing, I still questioned whether this was the place I actually wanted to be. At least, I thought, if I wanted to move on to something else, it wouldn't look bad to have worked here for a while.

Actually, I had to admit that I had come to this place because Weinstein worked here; there was no denying that fact. Thinking about him, I noticed he had risen and left the chair next to me. I was ready to leave, and wondered if I should look for him first. I waited a short while, then began gathering my things. I had a couple books and a white paper bag which contained part of a chicken dinner I had carried in with me. I picked up everything and walked outside.

I looked for my red 1986 BMW in the parking lot. I was impressed by the nice sleek cars here. Many seemed to be new sports cars – one low-setting, red model particularly caught my attention. I had the feeling this was an indication that the people who worked here would be interesting.

As I finally saw my car and walked toward it, I again wondered if I really wanted to be here. I recalled that I had been living in Germany before, and had even owned a house there. This place seemed to be in England. Oh, well, I thought, I could always return to Germany later.

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