Dream of: 03 August 1994 (3) "Conciliation"

After sitting through a court hearing in Judge Abramson's court, I approached him afterwards to discuss something with him. Just as I finished talking and was about to leave, I stopped, hesitated, then said I wanted to add something. I quickly told him I was sorry we hadn't gotten along well recently, and I hoped we would get along better in the future. He immediately knew what I was talking about. Once at a hearing in front of him he had attacked me sharply. He now said he had wanted me to see what his style was and what he expected of me.

I told him I understood, and that I had endeavored to handle myself appropriately. He seemed conciliatory and I had the feeling we would get along much better in the future.

He made a quick statement about going to Mexico. I immediately realized he was saying I should think about going to work in Mexico, and that he himself had thought of working in Mexico. I responded by saying, "Yo hablo Espanol."

I quickly realized he also spoke Spanish, although not as well as I. I continued talking only in Spanish and I had quite a long conversation with him. I was quite pleased to see that I could talk so well with him, and that he could understand me.

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