Dream of: 03 August 1994 (2) "Sometimes It Is Necessary To Lie"

I was talking with two people who reminded me of Mr. Tirl and Mrs. Tirl (former legal clients who became friends in Dallas). They were foreigners having problems with the immigration authorities. In the course of our conversation, I realized that they had lied to the immigration authorities about something, and that they were uncertain about what to do now. My first reaction was to advise them to tell the truth, but suddenly I stopped. I noticed Carolina sitting nearby on a couch, and I recalled Carolina had come into the country illegally. She had needed to break the law to successfully stay in the country.

Perhaps advising the Tirls to tell the truth wouldn't be the best advice. Sometimes when forced, lying was necessary.

Wheat walked into the room. I knew he did mostly immigration work and I thought he might be able to help the Tirls. I began explaining their problem to him.

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