Dream of: 03 August 1994 "The Awkward Cowboy"

Brian and I were walking through a street crowded with people dressed in clothing which might have been worn in the old west in the late 1800s. I was carrying a revolver in my hand, and we anticipated having trouble with someone here. When several men confronted us in the street, I thought I would be able to defend myself with my revolver. But someone said something which made me look at the gun more closely. I could see the bullets in the barrel, and realized someone had drilled holes through the bullets so I could look right through the bullets from one end to the other; they were useless. Realizing the danger we were in, we began backing off until we were able to slip down a side street and escape.

When I began examining my gun, I was surprised to find that the bullets didn't have holes in them after all. I took out the chamber and was astonished by its shape. It not only had a full supply of six good bullets in their usual position, it also had an additional six bullets in a second chamber behind the first one. The bullets in the second chamber were pointed in the opposite direction from those in the first. It appeared that when the bullets in the first chamber were spent, the chambers could be quickly reversed, and the second chamber could be used.

I also noticed another bullet in the middle of the first chamber. I began toying with the mechanism until the middle bullet popped up. I had to press it hard to get it back down, and Brian cautioned me to be careful. I nervously managed to push the bullet back into place, and returned the entire chamber to the gun. I had doubts about the utility of the second chamber. It seemed that if I were to be caught in a fight, it would still take valuable time to change the chambers.

We walked through a crowded, dirt street, and once again were confronted by three men. But this time we acted quickly and disarmed the three. We took three, small, silver guns from them, and continued on our way. I didn't want to keep the guns and when I saw three black men in the street, I approached them and asked them if they would like to have the guns. They eagerly accepted them and looked at them as if the would be valued possessions.

Brian and I walked into a restaurant which seemed like a McDonalds inside. It was morning and I thought I would get some breakfast and coffee. I really wanted to drink some coffee, but suddenly recalled that I had stopped drinking coffee. That realization was quite a disappointment, but then I also realized I felt better overall now that I was no longer drinking coffee.

As I looked for a place to sit, a young woman sitting in a booth looked at me, smiled, and said hello. I walked over to her thinking I would sit down in the booth. She was probably in her mid 20s and was wearing a brown dress. As I sat down, she stood up, and I realized she was a waitress. Again I was disappointed.


As Brian and I walked along a street in the town, we passed in front of a business with an open door. Looking inside, I saw it was filled with scantily-clad women, all of whom seemed to be inviting us in. I didn't hesitate. I said to Brian, "I know I'm a married man, but ...," and then walked on in. I didn't intend to actually have sex with any of the women, but thought I would enjoy their company for a while. I also thought they might have baths there, and I thought having one of the women give me a bath would be enjoyable.

We had only gone a few steps through the room when people suddenly began rushing about and disappearing through various doors. Brian and I both realized someone dangerous must be coming and we decided to also hide. He walked through one door and I walked through another.

I found myself in a small restroom with only a commode and light-green-colored walls. I thought I would be best to sit down on the commode, and decided to pull down my pants as if I was rally using it. I first pulled down my pants and then saw that I was wearing long, white underwear. So I also pulled down the underwear and then sat on the commode.

I kept my pants and underwear pulled up above my knees. I had my gun in my right had, and held it under my pants. I recalled having seen a similar scene in a cowboy movie. If someone came in I would be able to shoot his if necessary without his knowing I had the gun. But I soon realized I had a problem: there were two doors, one on my right and one on my left. I thought the most likely door was on my right, the door through which I had entered. However, pointing the gun in that direction was difficult since I had to bend my wrist back in order to do it. Pointing at the door on the left was much easier. I sat trying to decide at which door to point.

Finally I noticed I could see shadows under the bottom of the doors on both sides. I stood up and through a crack in the door in my right I saw a black man walking around outside. He was wearing a blue uniform and looked as if he might be a porter. It looked as if it would be safe to go out there now, but I still hesitated.

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