Dream of: 31 July 1994 "Out on a Limb"

I was sitting on a little platform on the back of a tractor driven by my father. My grandfather Clarence was sitting on the front of the tractor close to my father. Two other fellows were sitting on the platform with me: Joseph (a fellow who had been working in Wheat's law office) was sitting in the middle; and another fellow was sitting on the other side of him. The three of us were facing away from the tractor, which was traveling down the road.

We were in Ohio. I was working in a law firm with my father and Clarence, who were the bosses of the firm. Joseph had recently come to the firm, and it appeared that he might start working with us. He might need to show us samples of things which he had written in previous jobs, even if they were only short samples, like one page, so we could see what kind of work he had done. I was unsure whether Joseph was actually admitted to practice law.

As we continued down the road, I noticed the roads had been changed. Finally we reached a town which seemed like Centerville. A new road had been bulldozed next to the old elementary school. As we passed by, I mentioned to Joseph that I used to go to school there. I said, "I went to that school when I was in the fifth and sixth grades. All I remember is having fun."

As we passed by the back of the little school, I looked at the brown-brick school building and the school yard with the black wrought iron fence around it. I mentioned that I would like to go over the playground with a metal detector. As we passed by, my father slowed down, then began backing into the school yard. It appeared the school was being demolished. My father backed right over top the fence, then began pulling on it, until he was able to knock it down.

I was upset because we were sitting right on the back where my father had been hitting the fence. However by this point we were up very high, about seven meters off the ground. I was upset because it was dangerous for us to be sitting in the back while my father was knocking down the fence.

When we finally came close to a large oak tree, I jumped off onto a limb of the tree. My father kept driving around the area, until he finally noticed I was up in the tree. I crawled along the limb until I reached a point where I couldn't crawl. I was up so high, I didn't know how I was going to get down. I saw no way to descend. The others were going to have to figure out some way to bring me down. I hollered to the others, "How you going to get me down? How you going to get me down?"

When I had first jumped off, I had been close to the trunk, but then I had moved farther and farther out onto the limb. If I could move back closer to the trunk, it might be easier for them to get me down. But getting me off the limb was obviously going to be a major hassle. I didn't know how it could be accomplished.

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