Dream of: 30 July 1994 "An Honest Person"

I was skating on a sidewalk with a pair of regular roller skates (not roller blades). I seemed to be on Third or Fourth Street in Portsmouth. I was doing quite well, even going down some hills, and I thought about how much easier it was to skate on these skates than on roller blades, because I could brake much easier on these skates.

When I noticed nearby a couple young boys (each probably 9-10 years old) also on skates, they started skating along with me, and we all ended up in the middle of the street. Suddenly, the boys and I noticed a bunch of coins lying on the ground, and all three of us simultaneously bent over to scoop them up. I took off some gloves I was wearing, so I could pick up as many coins as possible. Among the coins were also some small round silver pieces which I immediately knew were pieces of silver which had been melted down from silver coins and pressed into the small pieces. I asked one boy if he knew what the small pieces were, but he didn't. I didn't waste time; I picked up a handful of the pieces and stuck them in my right pocket.

When I saw a wad of green currency also lying on the ground, I grabbed it up the green bills before the others had a chance to act. I then noticed a small box about 25 centimeters square, also filled with currency. I was about to pick up the box, when suddenly I stopped in my tracks and told the others that we had to find out to whom this money belonged and return it. I had suddenly realized we weren't going to keep the money. The boys, who had already stuck some of the money in their pockets, looked disappointed by what I had said. But I was now determined that I was going to return the money.

I picked up the box and skated down the street with it. The other two followed me. We were near Dale's house. I recalled that I had earlier been to Dale's house and had stopped to look for him. When his mother - a thin woman, probably in her mid 40s, with long black hair - had answered the door, she hadn't been friendly, and she wouldn't call Dale for me. But this time when I went to the door, and Dale's mother opened the door, she saw that I had all the money. I thought this time, when she saw all the money, she would call Dale for me.

I wanted Dale to come out because I thought he was an honest person and that he might be able to get a phone number for me to find out to whom the money belonged.

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