Dream of: 29 July 1994 (3) "Aspersions"

Carolina walked naked into the room where I was. She said something about wanting me to "eat her out." I replied, "Bring it over here."

She walked over and lay down beside me. I was also naked. I began performing cunnilingus on her. At the same time I stuck my penis into her mouth and we began vigorously having oral sex with each other. It was very enjoyable. I thought I needed to do this more often with her. I also thought I would like to experiment with other erotic scenarios, such as making love to Carolina in front of someone else.


I had stood from the bed and was looking around the room. I remembered Carolina and I had moved in with my second cousin Jeff. We were living in a small upstairs apartment which may have been above a garage. Looking out the window, I could see Jeff standing down the street. He looked as if he were in his mid 20s. He was sitting on the corner of the street in front of a house in a residential area, petting a dog.

I left the apartment, walked down the street to where he was, and began talking with him. While I was there, I heard some men standing next to the house, saying something to Jeff. It sounded as if they were casting aspersions on him, calling him names.

I didn't stay with him long, and soon began walking back toward the apartment. On my way I recalled that Jeff had once told me that he liked dogs, that he liked to screw dogs. I now realized when he had told me this, it hadn't registered with me. But now it seemed very strange. It now occurred to me that he might be screwing the dog which I had seen him petting. I looked back and saw that he was standing behind a telephone pole. The men had probably seen him; that was why they had been calling him names. I suddenly realized that was really disgusting. I also began to worry about the idea of Carolina and me living with him.

When I returned to the apartment, I told Carolina there might be a problem with Jeff, and we might have to move. Carolina had prepared a nice meal which was sitting on the table. Jeff would be coming in soon to join us for the meal. Carolina was always nice to Jeff. It rather bothered me that Carolina had gone to so much trouble for Jeff. I didn't want to tell Carolina right now exactly what the problem was. But I told her that Jeff had a problem which might cause us to have to move out and find another place else to live.

One thing I was worried about was what other people would think about my living with Jeff. I also knew the three of us were in a class together and that people had seen us all together. We were also planning to go somewhere together. I thought a lot of people already knew about Jeff, and if they saw me with him, they would also disparage me. At the same time, he was my relative, and I didn't intend to completely abandon him. I wondered what my great-uncle Ray would think if he knew about Jeff. Ray wouldn't abandon his own son. So I intended to try to help Jeff, even though I was worried about my own reputation. Doing so would be painful, but I intended to stick by Jeff.

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