Dream of: 28 July 1994 "Second-Hand Store"

While I was in a second-hand Goodwill store, I noticed some old typewriters on a shelf. When I scrutinized one – a green one – I realized it looked more like an adding machine. It had peculiar keys on its side. On the front I saw keys with the numbers 1 and 2 on them, and at the bottom was one small key with numbers on it. It looked as if it worked and it was clean, but I thought the price of $39.95 was much too much. Besides, I thought Carolina would get upset if I brought something like that home.

I opened up another typewriter which was in a case, and found that it actually did look like a typewriter. I also notice in the case some pictures of the comic characters the Human Torch and Spiderman. I also saw some long, slender light bulbs, one of which also had pictures of comic book characters on it. All the light bulbs except the one with the pictures came on. I pushed the pictured light bulb into its socket, and it dimly lit up.

I kept looking at the other machines, and saw a toy typewriter which I would like to have. I also saw another adding machine and a green typewriter. However none had the price tags on them. I knew Goodwill wouldn't sell anything without the price tags without first being repriced.

I asked a woman who was working about the price; she said she couldn't believe the typewriters didn't have the prices on them. I looked closer. I picked up one machine and found the price: $1.10. I found the price on the next machine which I picked up which was $1.35. The third machine I picked up was priced at $8.89. The two cheaper ones were just toys and made of plastic. I was sure I was going to take those. I was uncertain whether I would take the more expensive one. I thought I would, but was still trying to make up my mind.

I was thinking that some day I might like to have a second hand store of my own. I could go around to a bunch of garage sales, buy things and then sell them at the store. That would be fun. I could tell people that they didn't need to go to garage sales. They could just come to the store and buy the things which I had bought. But I doubted I would do something like that. It would take a lot of work, and I wouldn't get that much out of it.

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