Dream of: 27 July 1994 "Dedicated To Writing"

I was in a room with the rock singer, Prince. He and I had become very good friends. We would touch and get close together so much (I even kissed him on the cheek at one point) that some people mistakenly thought we had a romantic relationship. I just simply liked being with him. I thought he was very nice person, and for some reason, he liked me too. He didn't like most people and I was one of the few whom he did like.

I wanted to try to do some yoga exercise with him, and he lay down on his back on the floor. I grabbed his leg and pulled it back over his head. It kept trying to bend his leg, and I kept telling him to keep it straight. Finally I brought his legs over top of his head until he touched his toes to the floor. I thought I would next have him lie on his stomach and pull his shoulders back in the cobra pose. I hoped he would begin to see the benefits of doing yoga.


I was standing outside an auditorium where Prince was about to give a concert. I realized Prince was having some financial problems. Apparently he was paid little, and had little money, even though he was so popular. I didn't know what the problem was; but it looked as if whoever did his shows kept most of the money. I thought as much as $200,000 would be taken in at some of his concerts, but that he received very little of that. I thought perhaps much of the money was spent for advertising. However it still seemed strange to me, because I thought many of his concerts were sold out, and that if a rock star's concerts were sold out, he wouldn't have to advertise much. I didn't know what the problem was, but I thought it needed to be investigated.


Prince and I were on a cabin cruiser on a river. Above the cabin cruiser was flying a plane, and Prince's girlfriend was hanging from a rope below the plane as the plane tried to move at the same speed as the boat. I could look up and see the girlfriend hanging above us. As we continued along, I could see a bridge over the river in front of us. I realized the plane was going to have to try to go under the bridge. I could also see some electric wires on the other side of the bridge, and I realized there might be problems with the plane crashing. Obviously the girl wouldn't be able to hang on; she would have to be dropped.

After the boat had gone under the bridge and traveled up the river a ways farther, I told Prince I thought the girl had been dropped and probably killed. He flew into a panic and wanted to go back to try to find the girl.


I was in a room with a small round table (about the same size as a small purple tape which I had), trying to arrange some space where I could write. I set my computer on the floor and arranged some other things around the table. I put a small, old-fashioned typewriter in the middle of the table. As I thought about writing, I began wondering how it was that Prince was able to produce such good music. He didn't talk about it much when I was with him. I thought he must just put himself in a room and dedicate himself solely to writing. I thought that was what I needed to do with my writing. I needed to simply have a spot where I could dedicate myself to writing. I also began thinking I needed to put the computer on the table instead of the small typewriter. At first I had thought I would use the typewriter, but now I saw that I needed to use the computer to do the writing.

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