Dream of: 26 July 1994 "On The Roof"

Carolina and I were walking on a street at night after having drunk a couple bottles of alcohol. We were living out on the street, and although I didn't think of it at the time, our lives resembled those of Francis Phelan and his girlfriend Helen Archer (the two main characters in William Kennedy's novel Ironweed). As we walked down the street, I was somewhat ahead of Carolina, and I began thinking that I would like to fly for a while. I slowly began rising until I was hovering about three meters above the ground. The street was deserted, with house on both sides.

As I looked back at Carolina, I noticed a large black German Shepherd running in the street; I feared it was going to attack Carolina. Although I did nothing to protect her, the dog ran past her without bothering her. As I floated along, the dog ran right below me, and tried to jump up to where I was. I would push downward with my hands, which caused me to rise out of the dog's reach. However, I felt myself descending some, and feared I was going to go down to where the dog would be able to bite me.

I noticed a nearby house, and thought I might be able to fly over the roof of the house. I headed toward the top of the large, two-story house. I could see inside through an attic window, and thought I could see a family gathered there. It looked as if a man was watching television, and as if a small child was getting ready to take a bath. If I continued hovering here, I might even be able to see a naked woman inside. However, since I didn't want to be seen or heard, I continued passing over the green roof of the house. Still trying to remain unseen, I landed on the roof.

As I lay on the roof, it seemed as if I could actually feel the very being of the family inside the house. Although I was away from them, I could feel what it was like inside the house. I lay on the roof, thinking I would stay for a while.

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