Dream of: 24 July 1994 "Men On Trial"

I was in a large courtroom at the trial of some Hispanic brothers charged with a marijuana offense. Somehow, $126,000 was involved in the case. I had made a statement to the police about the money and the police had used my statement in the trial against the men. I now realized I would later have trouble at the trial of the men because I had given the statement.

One man took the stand and took the fifth amendment so he didn't have to testify. I feared I would be called to testify, and I would have to tell what I knew. But I was unsure I would be called to testify.

I was standing in the back of the courtroom near a stove on the side of the wall. I slowly realized fire was coming out of the stove and that it was turned up to high. I also realized this had something to do with the trial. I walked over to the stove and saw a round dial with hands on its face. I began turning the dial to turn the fire down. I then realized there was a second dial which also had to be turned. Finally I managed to turn down the hands on the first dial.

As people began walking around the courtroom, Brian (probably in his early 30s) walked up to me and began talking with me near the entrance to the courtroom. I hadn't seen him in a long time and was happy to see him. He was tall and healthy. He asked me a tax question. Apparently he had around $11,000 per year of supplemental income from a second job. He wondered if he had to include that as part of his income. I told him he certainly did, that the money was definitely part of his income. He seemed disappointed because someone else had told him he might not have to include the money in his income. 

Someone else walked up and I rather self-importantly said I did know something about taxes because I had just paid $29,000 in taxes this year and $36,000 the year before. Since I had paid so much taxes myself, I considered myself a bit of an authority, and I again stated that I was sure he would have to pay taxes on the $11,000.

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