Dream of: 23 July 1994 "Revolutionary War Glass"

While browsing around an estate sale, I came across a glass made of dull translucent material. I had a book which had the value of antiques in it, and I tried to find the glass in the book. I was surprised to see that the glass was valued at $700, especially since it was for sale for only $1. I quickly paid for the glass and continued looking around.

I next saw a knife which interested me. It had a sturdy blade over 15 centimeters long. I picked up the knife and walked back to a bathroom with it, continuing to admire it. On the way I passed a woman showing a clock to another person. She moved the intricately designed hands of the clock and said it was "functional." I thought what she meant was that the hands moved, but they didn't actually keep time.

Once I was in the bathroom, still looking at the knife, I realized I had left the glass in the other room. I rushed back out thinking someone might have picked it up, but then I saw it, still in the brown paper bag into which it had been placed. I picked it back up, put down the knife and left.

I went to another sale not far away, where a man (probably in his late 40s) who was an authority on the value of antiques was sitting at a table. He was well-dressed, tall and thin. I walked up to him and I extracted the glass from the small wooden box specially designed to hold the glass. I handed the glass to him and asked him if he could tell me how much it was worth. As he looked at it, I noticed the glass had a few minor nicks on one side near the top, as if perhaps someone's tooth had hit the glass.

The man looked the glass over. I had already pulled off the price sticker before I had handed it to him, but I now noticed another larger sticker on the side of the glass and I told him to pull it off. He did so, leaving a small amount of the glue still on the glass. He referred to a book he had, but couldn't find the glass in the book. I told him I had a book which said it was worth $700. He seemed impressed, especially when I told him I had only paid $1 for the glass. He said if the glass hadn't had any chips, it could have been worth quite a bit, although he couldn't estimate the value.

He put the glass back in the box and handed it to me. I then noticed the box had a small clasp on one side, part of which was missing. I thought I could probably replace that without problem. I took the glass and walked back out to my car. I began thinking the glass might have been made during the Revolutionary War. It looked as if it might even have some patriotic writing on its side. I was happy to have it, and I began thinking I knew where another estate sale was where I might be able to find another one. I headed in that direction.

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