Dream of: 22 July 1994 "Suspicious"

I ran into Altizer (a classmate from the fourth grade) and offered him a bottle of beer (I had already drunk a couple of bottles myself.) He looked as if he were in his early 30s; he seemed to be in a jolly mood. I thought we would spend the evening together. After he had drunk some of his beer, I realized he was already fairly intoxicated, and saw that he was about to fall in a mud puddle. I could have stopped his fall, but I was becoming a bit upset with him, and simply stepped out of his way. He fell straight over right into the mud puddle. Unfortunately, however, he hit my legs and caused me to also fall into the mud. I stood back up, examined the mud on my pants legs, and disdainfully told him that he had only had a few drinks and was already drunk.

We were standing right outside the House in South Shore, Kentucky (across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, a four room cottage where I lived for about a year when I was in the fifth and sixth grade), where I was living. I thought we would go into the House. As I started to open the door, I was surprised to see a pink and black nighty between the screen door and the main door. I thought it looked like one which belonged to Carolina, who lived with me in the House; but I didn't know what it was doing between the doors, especially since Carolina wasn't even supposed to be here this evening.

I slowly opened the main door and hollered in, "Hello."

I just caught the glimpse of a woman as the door slammed in my face. I stood stunned for a moment, then opened the door again. I thought I saw Carolina (who looked like my sister) dart into the front bedroom. It looked very suspicious to me. Could it be that Carolina had another man in the house? I was going to have to investigate.

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