Dream of: 21 July 1994 "Intricately Carved Designs"

As I began awakening from sleep, I was rather disoriented and unsure where I was. I was lying in a bed which appeared to be in a classroom which seemed to be empty except for one other person also lying in a bed. Then I noticed my ex-wife, Lousie, standing in the doorway of the classroom and looking at me. I felt ashamed that I was just lying in bed instead of being up working as she apparently was, but she didn't seem to mind.

Very pretty, she looked as if she were in her mid 20s. Although she only stayed in the doorway a few seconds, she seemed vibrant and happy.

Afterwards, as I was sitting in chair and talking to a black woman sitting on my right, Louise walked into the room and began talking to the woman, and I realized the black woman worked for Louise. Louise ignored me as she sat down and continued discussing something with the black woman. I didn't think Louise would say anything to me, and I was surprised when the black woman turned to me and asked me why I hadn't answered Louise's question. I asked the black woman what she was talking about and she said Louise had asked me how I was. I turned to Louise and said, "Fine."

Louise seemed confused that I had spoken to her, and I quickly told her I was just responding to her question. However, I began to feel as if she hadn't asked me the question, and the black woman had just made it up. But by now it didn't make any difference. Louise and I were talking and she appeared quite friendly. We stood, walked around the room together and continued to talk, until she said she had to leave. We were passing by a door leading to the outside, and I noticed her third husband, Vernon, coming through the door. I hurried on down a hall to another small room, not wanting to have any confrontation with Vernon.

Once inside the room, I realized Vernon had followed me, and that he was waiting for me in the hallway. I walked out and stood in front of him. He appeared to be black, and thinner than his normal self. He stepped up and bluntly asked me if I had been having sex with Louise. We stepped into another room with a large window along one wall. I told him I had never even touched Louise since she had married him. I thought back over it, and realized that was true – I had never even touched her.

I was surprised when Vernon turned to me and told me he didn't care if I had sex with Louise. He continued talking and explained that Louise had become disturbed by the fact that she and I no longer spoke to each other. As I listened, I knew I felt the same way, as if there was something missing in me because Louise and I never spoke. I would like very much to be friends with her.

I then found myself sitting on a table at which Louise and Vernon were sitting. We were all talking together as if we were becoming close friends. I was curious about their law business, and it even seemed as if we were in their office. I asked Vernon how many clients he had and I was surprised to hear that he only had about 405. I told him I had around 270 and I didn't even have a secretary. I knew they had a large staff which worked for them. It appeared however that they were probably not as prosperous as I had thought. I thought now that we were all becoming friends we would be able to talk about legal matters and learn from each other.

Then I was sitting at a large table where 20-30 people were gathered to eat. We were in a large room of Louise and Vernon's office, and all the people were their employees. Louise and Vernon both continued to be extremely friendly to me, and I was relishing our new friendship.

Louise, sitting at the head of the table a few seats away from me, asked me if I had heard about the new case concerning the Internal Revenue Service. I told her I hadn't. She said it was necessary to send a letter to the IRS in every case and advise the IRS that the bankruptcy debtor was in bankruptcy, or the IRS would withhold the debtor's tax refund. That seemed like a lot of extra work to me, and I asked her if they had already done that for their cases. She said they had. I thought I would need to look into it and I would probably have to do it also.

I looked around the room and noticed a large door to my left. All around the door were intricately carved designs in the dark wood, somewhat like might be found in the entrance door of a cathedral. After I stood to examine them more closely, I noticed the head of a lion on one corner. I thought it was strange that the door should be in the kitchen instead of in the front of the office. I was sure it added to the cost of rent of the office.

I walked over and touched the carvings. How surprised I was to find that the were made of a soft rubbery plastic. Apparently they were merely attached to the doorway. They still looked nice to me, but certainly of far less worth than I had thought. However I didn't want to disdain them in any way in front of Louise, and I continued to admire them.

The preceeding is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

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