Dream of: 20 July 1994 (2) "Lifting Probation"

I was acting as an attorney, defending a client who had been convicted of driving while intoxicated on alcohol. My client, a thin black-haired woman (probably in her early 30s), wasn't with me at the moment, but I knew she had been on probation, and I was trying to have the probation lifted. In front of me was a heavy-set blonde woman (probably in her mid 30s) representing the district attorney's office.

I presented my adversary with two white cards. Each card contained one fingerprint of my client, as well as four small round pictures of my client in each of the corners. The blonde looked over my cards and said they wouldn't be sufficient. She had a card of her own containing some of the fingerprints of my client, but said she would need the prints of at least two fingers on my cards. I tried to control my anger. I didn't like the blonde and I could tell she didn't like me. However I could feel that a certain tension between us at the same time caused me to be attracted to her. I thought she felt the same tension, and I thought I could probably use the tension to convince her to change her mind.

I began pleading with her that I didn't want to have to bring my client back down there. I looked at her card, and pointed out that the fingerprint on my card did match one of the fingerprints on her card. I also pointed out that the four pictures on one of my cards were identical to the four pictures on her card. (I didn't point out that the four pictures on my other card didn't appear to match the four pictures on her card.)

She began to waiver, and I thought a lot of it had to do with the attraction she was feeling toward me. Finally she agreed she would accept the cards if the judge would accept them. She picked up a phone to call the judge. When she had the judge on the phone, she began explaining how the cards matched. As she talked, I began thinking that when we were finished I would ask her out for a drink. I didn't know if I would ask her for tea or for something alcoholic. I wondered if she would accept. She would probably be surprised that I asked her, but I thought she would probably go.

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