Dream of: 13 July 1994 (3) "Baffled"

Carolina had a sister who looked just like Yonis. The sister was probably in her late teens, had a brown complexion and had long black hair. I had told the sister I would pay for her to go to Europe and study for four months; now the day for departure had arrived and the sister was preparing to go.

The sister was very quiet and rarely spoke to me, but I could tell she didn't know why I was being so nice and paying for her to go to Europe. In fact, I didn't really know why I was doing it; but it did make me feel good. I began thinking she would also need some spending money while she was there. She hadn't asked me for any money, and I tried to calculate in my mind how much she would need. All her room and board was being paid for, so I knew she wouldn't need much.

The sister's mother was watching the sister get ready. The mother (probably only 30 years old) didn't appear to be able to speak English. She seemed like a rather simple woman and seemed baffled by the sister's leaving. She didn't seem to understand what was going on.

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