Dream of: 13 July 1994 (2) "Substitution Of Counsel"

Ron Hurley (a classmate from junior high school) and I walked into a large courtroom filled with people. Abramson was the judge sitting in front of the courtroom. My friend Wheat was standing in the middle of the courtroom. Wheat was saying out loud that he had taken over a case from Steve Collier and that he had been substituted as counsel in the case. Abramson responded that Wheat couldn't do that, that if an attorney was on a case, the attorney had to stay on the case until the case ended. Abramson said he wouldn't allow one attorney to substitute for another.

I sat down, stunned by what I was hearing. I knew that Wheat had already substituted as counsel on some of my cases, and that I still had about 140 more cases on which I was still attorney of record. Abramson had already signed many of the orders of substitution. It didn't seem fair that he would first sign the orders, and now say the substitution wasn't permitted. I would have to challenge him in some way.

Another judge stood and began talking. The judge said he was going to circulate an order which would describe some rules of court. I thought the order might contain something regarding substitution of counsel. When the judge stopped talking, I walked down to pick up a copy of the order. I was disappointed to see the order only contained a list of books concerning bankruptcy which the judge thought should be read. I didn't think the books would help me much with my problem of having Wheat substitute as counsel for all those cases. I might have to stick around and take care of those cases to assure they were handled correctly. I had as much as four more years left on many of them.

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