Dream of: 13 July 1994 "Body In The Skillet"

I was in a house where I was living and taking care of my brother Chris. While we were lying side by side in a bed, I touched his face with my hand, and felt that it was cold. When I looked closer, his face looked purple, as if he were dead. I concluded that he must have only died a short time ago. I didn't know what to do. Should I pound on his chest to try to revive him?

I should try to call 911. I picked up a phone, called, and heard someone answer. I told the person what had happened, that I had a dead body in the house. I told the person we were at the Summerdale Drive House. The person said someone would be sent, and the person would continue waiting on the phone until someone arrived.

I stood and walked around the room, only to find my brother Adolph's body also in the room. It was alarmingly strange that his body should also be in the room.

I continued to wait until I heard my mother's voice on the phone. Finally I realized both my father and my mother were standing in the room. I was so choked with emotion, I could barely speak, finally almost inaudibly I whispered, "Chris is dead."

A female police officer walked into the room. She was slender, had black hair, and was probably in her mid 30s. She seemed to care about us and hugged us. I told her where Chris's body was.

My mother appeared to be going insane. She had a skillet in her hand, and said Dolfie's body was in the skillet. I turned to my father, and both of us agreed that something was wrong with my mother, that she might have lost her mind. I hadn't yet told my father that Adolph's body was also in the house. I said to him, "Dad, I don't know where it came from, but Dolfie's body's also in there. I don't know where it came from, but its also in there."

It still seemed so strange to me that Adolph's body could be there. I didn't know how the body could have come there from the grave. I only knew it was indeed there.

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