Dream of: 10 July 1994 (2) "Ice Skating"

I was ice skating in some games similar to the Olympics. I was in the middle of a difficult maneuver, jumping into the air with my legs stretched out, while someone at the other end of the rink threw me a small, red, plastic object like a fancy paper clip. In mid-air I grabbed the object, then came down on the ground, finally bending to my knees. Just as I completed my maneuver, the red object fell from my hands onto the ice. I was right at the edge of the rink, and the red object slid over the boundary line. My body was between the object and the judges; I thought I could quickly pick the object up without anyone seeing.

However, another skater did see and shouted out that I had dropped the object. The other skater was a woman probably in her early 20s. She had skated before I did, and was my major competition. I could still pick the object up and continue skating; then it would be my word against hers. But I didn't want to be dishonest, and so didn't stand up. I could hear the crowd responding to my failure to rise, and I knew I had lost.


After the competition different teams from different countries set up tables on the ice so people could meet each other. I was still thinking of my loss. I knew it had been televised. My mother had probably seen it and been disappointed; but I thought she was still proud that I had even been chosen in the first place. I myself was still astounded by having been chosen. I didn't have any particular skating ability, and didn't know why I had been chosen, but I had excelled once I had begun practicing. Now it was over, and I reflected I had learned a lot. I had learned how much work and dedication it took to be successful. I thought now I could transfer the experience to what I really should be doing in life: writing.

Nearby was a table of skaters from Sweden. I thought about the Swedish language, and thought if someone could speak one Scandinavian language, it would be easy to speak all Scandinavian languages, as well as Dutch and Luxembourgish. I might like to learn a Scandinavian language.

Under a neighboring table, I noticed some chewing gum, boxes of matches and cigarettes. I thought the gum and matches were being passed out, so I took some. Only when I began opening the gum did someone from the neighboring table confront me about having taken it. But he didn't seem angry, so I kept it.

I wanted to get together with a couple of the skaters later that evening, and I invited one fellow to meet with me. He had blond hair and was probably in his mid 20s. I then went to the woman who had screamed out at the competition, and asked her if she would join us that evening. At first she seemed reluctant, but then agreed she would.


Later that day I was waiting in a building for the woman to arrive. When she did come, she had a little hand cart with some of her things on it. I walked to the door and told her I would come out and help her with the cart. She was a bit late and I knew we needed to hurry if the three of us were going to have any time together. I was looking forward to it.

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