Dream of: 10 July 1994 "Needing Contact With God"

I hadn't been taking on any new legal work for a while, but now I was approaching the point where I felt I was going to need to practice law again to raise some revenue. I still had some old legal cases which needed work done on them, and I thought I should complete that work before doing anything new. However I resolved that if some new work came my way, I would take it, instead of turning it down as I had been doing. For example if someone needed a divorce, I would handle it. I might also contact Leland (a lawyer from Dallas), who had recently informed me that he needed someone to do some legal work for him. I might be interested in helping him some.


I was in an office, listening to an attractive woman (in her 20s) talk to someone about a computer program called "Bookend," a program which I thought was used for creating legal documents. As soon as I could, I asked the woman about the program. When she began explaining it to me, I slowly realized she and I were actually lying in bed together. In fact three or four attractive women, including Carolina, were lying in bed with me. The women were all in various degrees of nudity, and by changing my position, I could come in contact with their bodies.

As I shifted myself so I could touch the women, I perceived that I was already quite aroused. I felt the pleasurable, almost overwhelming sensation of an erection; if I continued in such proximity to the women's bodies, I would soon have a climax. But gradually I forced myself to extinguish the sexual feelings; I remembered I had given up sex, and I couldn't continue with what I was doing, no matter how good it felt.


I was standing outside on a large concrete verandah where many people were milling about. Beyond the verandah was a concrete area where there were no people, but several large and small bronze statues standing on pedestals. All the statues had wings. One small statue resembled a mythological God, perhaps Jupiter. A long white wall abutting the concrete area displayed tall white angels sculpted in bas relief.

As I stared at the winged figures, I gradually felt myself rising straight up into the air. I floated up above the area, feeling a surge of power pass through me. Hoping that someone would notice me, I began moaning and humming, trying to attract the attention of the people below. I was unsure what I hoped to achieve by flying, but I felt a strong need to be in contact with God, and I thought flying might somehow bring me closer to God.

Suddenly my flying power begin to ebb, and I slowly began descending back to the earth. Instead of coming down where I had started from, I landed inside an old multi-storied house, with walls painted bright yellow. As soon as I came to rest in a long hallway, I felt frightened by something in the house. I wanted to avoid seeing any people, but I was afraid some people might be behind some of the many doors which I saw along the hallway. I crept down the hall, wanting only to escape from this place.

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