Dream of: 08 July 1994 "Snowball Fight"

I was having a friendly snowball fight with some people. At first I had a store of snowballs which were already made. Instead of being round, some were flat like hockey pucks. When I ran out, I had to start making new ones from the snow on the ground, but the ones I made weren't quite as good as the pre-made ones.

Finally I focused on one man (probably in his mid 30s) standing on a slope of the snow-covered hill where we were fighting. Instead of throwing a snowball at him, when he wasn't looking, I approached him and managed to trip him so he fell over in the snow. I then dashed off before he had a chance to recover himself. I raced into a nearby department store, thinking he would soon be chasing me. I took some stairs into the basement, crossed over to another set of stairs, and walked back up. I thought I might go up to an upper story and hide, perhaps in a bathroom.

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