Dream of: 07 July 1994 "Moving"

My father, my grandmother Mabel and I had been staying in a dilapidated, wooden garage with only three sides. We had been using some old junk furniture pilled up in the garage. Now, however, we were being compelled to leave, and I began piling some of the things from the garage on a pick-up truck parked in front of the garage. At first we were just going to leave without taking anything; but I decided we might be able to use some of the stuff where we were going. When I found my glass-Japanese-wind-chimes on the floor of the garage, I was glad I was taking the time to look for stuff. I picked up the chimes and found they were lopsided so all the glass pieces were hanging on one side. I should be able to straighten them out later.

As I was carrying things out to the truck, a large deer ran through the forest on the other side of the road. I hollered to my father to look; but he came to the front of the garage too late to see it. I then spotted a group of horses and cows approaching us from the opposite side, and I pointed them out to my father. The horses especially were quite beautiful; I was glad to see them approaching closer to the front of the garage.

Some dogs were mingled in with the horses and cows; when the dogs came close to the front of the garage, I began to feel threatened by them. The dogs began taking on characteristics of human beings, and soon some menacing-looking men were standing in front of the garage. I scurried about trying to complete my loading, anticipating that I was going to have a confrontation with the men.

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