Dream of: 05 July 1994 (2) "Blue Mood"

As Carolina and I were walking through a department store, I noticed clocks sitting in a display case; we stopped to look. One clock looked as if it were inside a large rock; the clock had a cover which could be closed so the face of the clock couldn't be seen. I liked the clock and thought of buying it, until I saw that it cost $9.19 – the other clocks were only around $5. I began looking at the others.

One clock had a piece of metal below its face. If the piece of metal were touched, the face of the clock would change into a color which would correspond to the mood of the person. I let Carolina touch the metal. The face first turned yellow, which stood for food, and then red, which stood for hot. After she finished, I touched the metal to see what would happen. I could see the face first turning to red, and then to blue.

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