Dream of: 05 July 1994 "Shot Glasses"

I was visiting my great-aunt Dorothy in a second story apartment where she was living. The room was quite spacious, with a hard-wood floor and little furniture. Dorothy seemed trim and spry as she led me to a cabinet on one end of the room and pointed out several pieces of glassware which appeared to comprise a set designed for holding and drinking alcohol. Dorothy said the glassware had belonged to my grandfather Cole, and that Cole had obtained the glassware in Japan.

The glassware consisted of: several elegant shot glasses which appeared to be mode of a dull-white, milky substance; a flask made of the same substance; and some glass bottle stoppers to plug opened bottles. The stoppers had been chipped a bit on the ends, as if from heavy use.

As I looked over everything, I was quite impressed; I had the feeling that Dorothy was thinking of giving the items to me.

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