Dream of: 04 July 1994 (3) "Building A Fantasy"

I was building a fantasy in my mind, a fantasy which finally seemed so real I thought it was actually happening. I imagined that while I had been in a back hallway in a bank, someone had inadvertently left open a door. Lying inside were stacks of money. At first I imagined $100 bills wrapped together in stacks of $2,000 each, but finally I just imagined large sacks filled with money.

I tried to imagine whether I would just take a couple sacks, and what would happen if I did. I imagined quickly finding a place to hide the money in the building, and then coming back to hunt for it later. I could see myself being watched for a long time by detectives trying to recover the money -- but I would be able to outwit them. I wouldn't return for the money until I was sure it was safe, no matter how long it took.

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