Dream of: 02 July 1994 "New Way Of Dressing"

I had decided to start dressing in only a dress shirt, and not to wear any shorts or pants underneath it. I was still attending Portsmouth High School, and I had already gone to school once or twice dressed in this fashion. It seemed that everyone who had seen me had been shocked, especially since at times my private parts had been visible; but no one had prevented my dressing that way. I was also doing some office work for my father, and I had gone to the office dressed that way. My sister was also working there; both she and my father had seen me, but neither had said anything.

I began to regret my new way of dressing. I was feeling embarrassed by it and wished I had never started it. I even dreaded going back to school. I could begin dressing in a regular fashion again, but now I felt compelled to continue dressing in only the shirt, since I had started that way.

It was morning and time for me to go to school. My mother was in the room with me; I asked her how many days of school I had already missed this year. She kept a list, and told me I had missed eighteen days. I thought her list was incorrect; I had missed some days I hadn't told her about; so I had actually missed many more than eighteen days. I was thinking about not going, and simply quitting school. I probably wouldn't pass anyway, because I had missed too much. I only had one more month to go, but I simply didn't want to go anymore.

Besides, I had already taken some college courses; I could get into college without a high school diploma. I might even not go to college. I might just do some self-study. I might be able to contact Rembert Glass (my old philosophy professor) and he could teach me some outside of classes. I really didn't want to go back to classes.

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