Dream of: 01 July 1994 "Self-Defense"

I was with Birdie – who looked different than usual – in what appeared to be the Grace Street House (the House in New Boston where Birdie lived in the late 1960s). She and I were both living in the House. We both seemed to be in our late 20s. While we were in one room, we heard something in one of the other rooms. I picked up a revolver, checking to see if it was loaded.

Suddenly an overweight man about five foot five inches came into the room. He had short hair and was wearing a white tee shirt. He walked toward me, holding something, perhaps a club, in his hand. When he wouldn't stop, I began shooting. I kept shooting until I had shot five shots into his chest. I could see where I had hit him each time. With the sixth shot I tried to shoot him in the head, but it looked as if I hit him again in the chest. He kept walking toward me until he finally fell over.

I told Birdie that I needed more bullets to reload. She handed me some bullets, and I opened the chamber to try to reload, but I couldn't get the bullets to go in correctly. I kept trying to get them in, finally succeeding in loading three bullets. I then had to screw the chamber back into the gun.

When other people showed up, I told them to call the police. After someone called the police, I stood waiting. I continued to hold the gun, fearing that someone else, perhaps a relative of the fallen man, would show up. Finally a man who was the man's son walked in. He was tall and thin, probably in his mid 20s. He also was carrying a gun. He walked up to me and shook my hand, apparently glad that I had shot his father. He then turned and left.

After about a half hour, the police still hadn't arrived. I was beginning to think that I should leave, although I didn't want to do that. Birdie was beside me. I told her that only a week ago I had had insurance which would pay for my bond if I were arrested, but I had let the insurance lapse and now didn't have any. Since I thought I would be arrested, I began trying to think of how I would make bond.

I was thinking the name of the town I was in was Fort Worth. Typically in Fort Worth, I thought, people were found innocent in cases such as this, and in cases which weren't even as good as this. I told Birdie I would plead self-defense. I would say the man had been coming at me and I had defended myself. Even the way the man's body was lying would support my defense: one hand was above his head as if he were going to strike.

Nevertheless, I was going to be arrested and would have to pay a bond. That would be a problem; but I thought I would be able to handle it.

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