Dream of: 30 June 1994 (2) "Girl Carrying A Vase"

As Carolina and I were sitting in a restaurant, I began looking at a calendar, and suddenly recalled that a while back I had gone to a meeting of a group of around 10 people who had been discussing their dreams. A date had been set for subsequent meetings, and I had intended to go; but I now realized I had already missed two meetings.

Not far from me, at another table, sat one of the women in the group. She rose to leave; she was wearing a black dress which barely covered an unattractive butt, clad in black panties. She was probably in her early 40s and had black hair. I could ask her about the group and whether it was still together. If possible, I would like to go to the next meeting.


As I was planning to go to the Gallia County Farm, I was also thinking I would like to do something artistic while I was there. I had never sculpted anything, and decided I would like to sculpt a statue. I excitedly envisioned obtaining a slab of rock about the size of a person, and sculpting a statue out of it. I quickly decided the statue would be of a girl carrying a vase on one of her shoulders, holding it there with both hands. I recalled having seen other statues done that way, and now realized the sinewy flow of the line of the statue, from the vase to the shoulder, to the waist and to the knees, enhanced the feeling of the statue.

I had recently bought a small marble statue, and although it was no great treasure, it was probably worth something. Now I would add my own statue to my collection.

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